1. The Rules Committee, assisted by the Team Play Coordinator(s), will prepare Team Play rules in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf.  The Team Play Coordinator(s) will:
    1. Set up Team Play schedules, green fees, starting times, and a roster of captains to present to the WSNGA Secretary two weeks prior to the initial yearly Team Play captain’s meeting.
    2. Provide year-to-date results to all team captains after each Team Play match.
    3. Provide the Board of Directors with:
      1. Year end results
      2. End of year financial report
      3. Team Play party results (payouts)




  1. Any member club in good standing with WSNGA is eligible to participate in Team Play.
  2. Team composition:
    1. Each team will consist of eight (8) players (4 teams) with the two lowest handicap players designated as Team 1, next two lowest as Team 2, etc.
    2. In the event of identical sloped handicaps, the order of play will be at the discretion of the team captain.
    3. If a team is unable to field 8 players, the team playing short of players shall be formed at the discretion of the team captain, with the stipulation that 4 matches must be played.
    4. If a team is unable to field at least 1 player in all 4 teams, it will be considered a forfeit.
    5. If any team forfeits a match, that team will not be allowed to play Team Play for the remainder of the year, nor will they be allowed to play Team Play the following year.  The Team Play Coordinator(s), in consultation with the Board, will determine the fairest way to handle any points that some of the teams might have already won against the forfeiting team. 


  1. Multiple Teams from Same Club


Any member club in good standing with WSNGA that has the sufficient members to field more than one team is eligible to participate in Team Play under the following conditions:


    1. Each team shall be governed by the rules set forth in Section 2B relating to team composition.
    2. Each team shall have separate Team Captains and the members of each team shall only play for the team they are originally assigned to before the first team play competition and playoffs.  (For example, members of Team 1 cannot play for Team 2 at any time during the team play competition and playoffs.)
    3. Only one team may be the host team during the team play competition year.  (For example, if Team 1 hosts in 2014, Team 2 cannot host until 2015.)






  1. Individual Team Play members must be members in good standing with their club and have a verifiable USGA handicap.
  2. Team Playoffs:  In order for a team member to participate in the Team Playoffs, she shall have played at least one round of regular Team Play during that year. If a team plays with an unauthorized player, the entire team shall be disqualified.
  3. An individual wishing to participate in Team Play must designate and be a member of that designated home club association.
    1. If a member resigns from her home club ladies’ association during the year, she may designate and become a member of a new home club association and participate in Team Play for that club.
    2. Such a change is limited to one time per year.


  1. The maximum sloped handicap may not exceed 36.  A player with a higher handicap may play, but must play to a 36.  Handicaps to be used are those that are current, as of the Monday immediately prior to the day of scheduled team play.
  2. Cell Phones:  Players are NOT allowed to use cell phones on the golf course during Team Play events except as described below.  Cell phones must be turned off.  A player will receive a warning on the first offense of this rule.  Any additional offense(s) will result in loss of hole for the player and her partner.

If a player must conduct personal or business calls, cell phone may ONLY be used at the turn at the clubhouse.  Cell phones may be used during play for other reasons such as an inoperable cart, player illness or injury, and unexpected course issues such as fallen trees.

  1. If a team player does not have to pay green fees or a cart fee at the host club, it is her responsibility to make arrangements with the host club, her team captain, and the WSNGA Treasurer.  She is still responsible for paying the WSNGA $3.00 fee.
  2. If a team player does not have to pay green fees and only has to pay cart fees at a host club (i.e. dual membership), she is responsible to make arrangements with the host club, her team captain, and the WSNGA Treasurer.  She will be responsible for paying the WSNGA $3.00 fee.




  1. Team Play membership dues for each year are $25.00 and are due by December 15th for the following year.  Dues will be considered late after December 15th and will incur a penalty of $25.00 (total fee for late registration is $50.00).
  2. Team Play checks are due to the WSNGA Treasurer two weeks prior to each Team Play event.
  3. If funds have not been submitted by the date of Team Play, the team will be required to pay to the host course the appropriate fees in cash or other certified funds.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification of that team match.
  4. If a team overpays for a match and the host club has been paid, the overpaying team must make arrangements with the host club for reimbursement.





  1. At the initial Team Play meeting, each team captain will provide all participating clubs with a score card from their home course (the course being played for that year).
  2. Each team captain is to contact their opposing team captain at least 2 days in advance of Team Play to provide the lineup and the sloped handicap of her players.
  3. Posting Scoring Sheets:  Posting sheets are to be accessible to all clubs prior to play commencing.  The following information is required:
    1. Enter team member names, GHIN numbers and scores.
    2. Each team captain must ensure that the completed posting sheet is given to the appropriate individual for posting.


  1. Team Play captains will educate Team Play members on:
    1. USGA Rules of match play.
    2. Pace of play.
    3. Proper scoring methods.
    4. WSNGA Team Play rules.
    5. Golf course requirements (i.e., soft spikes, dress code)


  1. Result Sheets
    1. Prepared at the end of play by each captain.
    2. Compared with the opposing team’s captain.
    3. Signed by both captains; one result sheet of the match is turned into the Team Play Coordinator(s) or her representative.


  1. Hosting captain’s responsibilities
    1. Provide the Rules Committee with a local rules sheet, if necessary, two weeks prior to the team play event.
    2. Provide host club golf shop with pairing sheets for matches in a timely manner.
    3. Provide at least two representatives from the host club to assist with pace of play and to act as coordinators between host club and team play participants.




A.        Pace of Play.  Place of play shall be established by the Tournament Committee based on                 

                  USGA Pace of Play guidelines.


      B.         Out of Position.  A foursome will be deemed out of position if the entire hole in front of

                  them is open.


      C.         Penalty.  Any foursome deemed out of position will receive a warning for the first offense.

                  Any subsequent offenses will result in the foursome being required to pick up and move

                  to the next hole.  The points for the hole that is skipped will be halved.  A refusal by a

                  team to pick up and move to the next hole may result in forfeiture of the points for that





  1. To create a forum for complaints regarding Team Play misconduct.
  2. Procedures for filing a complaint.
    1. Team Play participants must display good sportsmanship in their matches.
    2. If a player does not display good sportsmanship, the opposing Team Play captain may submit, within 48 hours, a verbal complaint, followed within three (3) days by a mandatory written complaint, describing the incident to the Team Play Coordinator(s).
  3. Responsibility of the Team Play Coordinator(s):

1.         The Team Play Coordinator(s) has/have the responsibility to research the claim and report to the WSNGA Executive Board within 15 days of the incident.

2.         If the Executive Board finds that the player’s misconduct was unsportsmanlike, they may recommend appropriate disciplinary action to the Board of Directors.

  1. Recommended disciplinary action must be approved by a majority vote of the WSNGA Board of Directors.  Such action will be effective immediately and disciplined individuals will be notified in writing as to what actions have been determined.




  1. Matches will be cancelled or suspended only at the discretion of golf course management.
  2. If carts are not permitted, due to weather conditions, Team Play for that day will be cancelled.
  3. If play is cancelled under the above circumstances, the match may or may not be rescheduled.  There will be no points allotted for a cancelled match.
  4. For play suspended due to temporary weather conditions, (i.e., lightning), players will await the ruling by golf course management and the Rules Committee.




A.        End of year Standings -- In the event of ties in any category, the following method will be used to break ties:

Tied for overall:  Compare total scores for gross.  If still tied, compare total scores for net.

Tied for gross:  Compare total scores for overall.  If still tied, compare total scores for net.

Tied for net:  Compare total scores for overall.  If still tied, compare total scores for gross.


B.         Playoff Competition.  In the end of the year playoff competition, if two teams are tied after 18 holes of play, there will be a sudden death playoff between the “1” teams.  If a “1” team cannot play, the match will be forfeited.  At course discretion, the playoff will begin on the hole where the original match began.




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